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Templarman is a superhero with great power and abilities. This hero possesses special powers which prevent him from aging or succumbing to a natural death. Now that he’s tasked with protecting the weak and defenseless, he must use his powers in fighting evil.

Templarman is outfitted with a sword that’s capable of penetrating any type of metal and a protective shield that guards against any known force. John also has the ability to fly and join together his two iron wrist covers to create a laser-like blast.

Templarman is here to fight the dark forces.

“As darkness closes in, we were always the only true defenders of the light, and now it is me alone to face it. “

John The Templar started his life as a regular man who was just a farmer trying to care for his livestock and crops. The year was 1119 AD, and he was approached to help reclaim the Holy Land and defend the church in God’s name.

After being chosen, John had to engage in rigorous training both day and night to become the perfect soldier. After months of training, he was ready to engage in his first battle.

In Vol 1 we will learn how John a chosen Templar Knight became the superhero Templarman.

Flash forward 1,000 years, and Templarman is still going strong. Though his brothers are long gone, he continues the good fight by protecting the world from the forces of darkness.

Rise of


The Bio Mechanic is part biological part machine with his trademark weapon of a laser cannon arm he is outfitted with an armored body and rocket propelled engine. Landing in the middle on New York City blasting buildings and cars it is clear that this cyborg is a powerful villain on a mission to harm and destroy….People are running away in panic. Police cars rushing to the scene are no match to the laser blasts of the Bio-Mex. It is Templarman coming to the rescue to face the Bio-Mex.

Is the Bio-Mex a lone villain ? What is the origin of the Bio-Mex ? Why is the Bio-Mex set to harm and destroy ? Will Templarman’s powers strong enough to defeat the Bio-Mex and save New York City ?

Stay tone to Vol 2 : Rise of the Bio-Mex to find out



The first two volumes of Templarman will be released soon. So, be on the lookout for these titles:

Vol. 1:     John The Templar

This volume will further explain Templarman’s backstory and how he came to be.

Vol 2:     Rise of the BioMex

The BioMex is an alien enemy force planning to conquer and harvest Earth, but Templarman won’t let this happen on his watch.